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Technologies  //  Dual Sludge System (DSS)

The Dual Sludge System (DSS) technology employs two consecutive fully-independent sludge systems. The first sludge system is usually CAS (conventional activated sludge) followed by CAS or MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) system.

The aim of the first sludge system is to remove the readily biodegradable organic compounds, the majority of toxic compounds, as these may inhibit the downstream nitrification process, and to enhance ammonification of the organic nitrogen content. The downstream CAS or MBR system is aimed for nitrogenous compounds removal (nitrification and de-nitrification processes), recalcitrant compounds removal and the production of high quality effluent.

EPT has successfully retrofitted an herbicides manufacturing wastewater treatment plant with the DSS technology for the removal of TOC, nitrogenous compounds and highly toxic recalcitrant compounds to comply with stringent sea discharge regulations.

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