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Desalination for drinking water


Facts & Figures

Location: Sodom, Israel

Water Source: Brackish

Daily Flow Rate: 600 m3/day

Salinity (TDS): 2,500 mg/l

Purpose of Treatment: Drinking water

Contract type: Turn-key + O&M

Inauguration Date: 2014



Brackish well water is used as the only portable water source in the Sodom area.

EPT has been asked to design, build and operate a plant to provide 600 m3/day of drinking water to the Dead Sea Work (DSW) using the local brackish well water.


The plant includes combining sand filter and UF filtration as a pretreatment to the RO system. The blended water (UF & RO permeate) is disinfected prior it has been discharged to the client.    


On-line monitoring of pH, Temperature, Turbidity, free chlorine residual and conductivity guarantee to provide the client safety and stable product.


The plant is working 24/7 continuously from 2014 with stable water quality according to the local and national regulations.  

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