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UASB for WWTP from Citrus juices and concentrates


Facts & Figures

Location: Givat Haim (meuhad), Israel

Wastewater Source: Citrus Juices and Concentrates

Daily Flow Rate: 2,500 m3/day

COD Load: 17,000 kg/day

TSS: 1,600 kg/day

Effluent Discharge: Municipality

Contract type: Turnkey + O&M

Completion Date: 1991



A Citrus juices and concentrates manufacturer was requested, as part of the local water collection system, to treat its industrial wastewater in order to conform effluent quality in accordance with Municipal WW treatment discharge limits.


Citrus processing is characterized by having peel process wastewater aside of the main citrus juice production. The peel press liquor contains biocidic etheric oil which is harmful to biological bacteria.


EPT has developed a treatment scheme which was composed of two main treatment systems - a high rate anaerobic UASB reactor for the citrus juice wastewater, and a 3-stage distillator for etheric oil recovery for the peel press process liquor prior to the biological treatment


The anaerobic system has been in operation since 1991, constantly adhering to the stringent effluent requirements.

To comply with the new regulations for municipal WW treatment discharge regulations a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit is added as a polishing step.


The biogas which is produced during the biological degradation is used for steam production in a 4 ton/hour dedicated steam boiler.


The complete design, erection and the operation of the entire treatment system have been carried out by EPT.

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