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Dual Sludge System - Membrane BioReactor - Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment for Herbicide Production Wastewater


Facts & Figures

Location: Ashdod, Israel

Wastewater Source: Crop Protection Chemicals

Daily Flow Rate: 3,000 m3/day

TOC Load: 5,500 kg/day

Total Nitrogen Load: 600 kg/day

Effluent Discharge: Sea

Contract type: Engineering Consultancy

Completion Date: 2008



ADAMA Agan Ltd. produces crop protection chemicals and specialty aroma chemicals. The company's products include herbicides, acaricides, and plant growth regulators, as well as specialty aroma chemicals.


The manufacturing plants' wastewater contains large amount of organic and nitrogenous compounds, herbicides, as well as high salinity.

In order to remove the various pollutants from the high-strength wastewater and conform to the sea discharge regulations, EPT has retrofitted the existing plant with the DSS-MBR-PACT (Dual Sludge System – Membrane BioReactor - Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment) configuration.


This plant set-up has successfully accomplished removal of 90% TOC, 90% TN and over 99% herbicide, complying with the sea discharge regulation.

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