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Sanitary Membrane BioReactor WWTP


Facts & Figures

Location: Sodom, Israel

Wastewater Source: Sanitary

Daily Flow Rate: 600 m3/day

Salinity (TDS): 8,000 mg/l

BOD Load: 250 kg/day

Nitrogen Load: 30 kg/day

Effluent Discharge Destination: Reuse in scrubbers

Contract type: Turn-key + O&M

Inauguration Date: 2011


Dead Sea Works (DSW) plant employs about 5,000 employees in 3 daily shifts. The generated sanitary wastewater is characterized by high salinity content making the biological treatment process much more challenging.

EPT was contracted by DSW to construct a sanitary WWTP which reuses the produced effluent for its scrubber systems.

The treatment plant includes equalization and emergency tank, two parallel biological reactors for organic and nitrogen removal, followed by immersed hollow fibers ultra-filtration membranes. The plant also includes sludge treatment and effluent disinfection systems.         

This plant set-up has successfully accomplished the removal of 99% BOD and ammonia, complying with the local regulations.

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