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Lab & Pilot Studies  //  Pilot Plant Study

In the industrial sector, due to unique wastewater characterization, most of the projects are "tailor-made" solutions follows some feasibility tests (Pilots and/or bench scale).
These tests provide better understanding and allow us to improve the treatment solution to meet your needs. The data collecting during the study can be used for the specification and design of the full-scale system.

We, in EPT, can provide all kind of feasibility tests to evaluate the designed process. Our tests include lab test, bench and/or continues pilot. We can provide manual semi or fully automated pilot plant.

As a company that includes process, electrical/control and construction departments, the designed and built pilot will be done in our local workshop and can be delivered to any point on the globe.

Our experience includes:
- Anaerobic processes
- Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)
- Physico-Chemical Processes

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