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 Environmental Protection Technologies Ltd. (EPT) was founded in 1989 with the prime objective of initiating and executing projects in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, recycling ,reuse and innovation.

EPT is specializing in the designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining of full scale water and wastewater plants.
The plants are located in Israel and in Spain.

EPT is conducting comprehensive pilot plants studies including the design, construction and operations of pilot plants for scalling up to full scale industrial plants.

EPT is currently supervising, operating and maintaining over 30 plants for high quality  water supply as well as wastewater treatment and reuse,  located throughout Israel.

The treatment plants are serving a wide spectrum of  industries, such as   food and beverages,  chemical , petrochemical, paper production, dairies, and pharmaceutical .   

EPT is offering sustainable comprehensive solutions to complex environmental problems with respect to water and wastewater treatment mainly for the industry.  

EPT has acquired specific up-to-date know-how in advanced technologies such as Biological Nutrients Removal (BNR), High Rate Anaerobic Technologies, Pure Oxygen for biological processes, , Membrane seperation  technologis including MBR and Advanced Oxidation  Processes (AOP) .

EPT is currently employing 45 people including engineers, chemists, biologists, technicians and operators.

Goals and objectives

EPT is a highly motivated and business orientated organization. 
EPT  is a leading firm in the Israeli fast developing environmental pollution control and the water and wastewater markets.
EPT is constantly searching for innovative and advanced technologies to be implemented in its various operations and activities.